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Bamboo sunglasses Peace Turtle BEST day EVER! {OUT OF STOCK!}


BEST day EVER! Sunglasses are made for fac·to·tum mobile skate shop in Philadelphia,PA. These laser engraved shades will give you a great look, a positive attitude, and daily encouragement. You can't buy that stuff just anywhere. Just like these glasses, which can usually only be purchased around Philadelphia, and soon, Florida. Not only that, they bring good karma... How? You ask, well because a portion goes to charity, say whaaat, I know.


To commit to the charities we usually donate to(Non-toxic Revolution/Keep a Breast) shop glasses are hand-made from bamboo and acetate. Which is a 100% biodegradable,recyclable,

renewable material,made from wood pulp and cotton, are petroleum free, and have a nice soft wood grain texture.


These glasses were designed to be able to withstand the wear and tear from skateboarding,wanna talk about strong...

Bamboo is 16% harder than maple. and acetate is stronger and lighter than plastic.

On top of that, they are:


Lightweight Super Environmentally Friendly Antimicrobial Hand-made Flexible... but Sturdy Anti-Fungal Water-proof


They have all metal hardware, are extremely comfortable and maybe most importantly, they are totally affordable!

The metal hinges are designed, so that:

even if something happens to you while wearing them;

i.e. you slam into the ground face first, they will not leave imprints, or cut up your nose/face. And if anything does happen, contact us and we`ll talk replacement parts.


We have 2 frames to choose from: black w/blck gradient lenses, or brown w/brown gradient lenses.



But these glasses aren't just for skaters, everybody loves peaceturtle,and we can customize them, by filling the laser etchings (that's right, lasers; bc screenprinted images are for suckas) with just about any color(s) you want, we even have semi-transclucent colors that place a nice gentle accent on the inscriptions,but also draw out the natural wood grain of the bamboo, and, guess what? We do that for free, just message your instructions. . .


More info about Keep a Breast and Non toxic Revolution go to

More info on acetate check p

Reduce dependence on plastics.


International shipping available. Message for details before buying.


Help a good cause and a great little company.


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Or visit us in Philly on Temple U campus

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All cards accepted!


Thanks for reading,

Andy X



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